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Outage Reporting: 1-800-693-0190

Members Must Have Either the Correct Telephone Number or Member/Account Number In Order to Report Outages.

When the power goes out, Pee Dee Electric is there and our goal is to safely and quickly restore power. Before calling to report a power outage, follow these steps to help us respond as quickly as possible:

  • Check the breaker panel(s) in your home/business to make sure the problem is not related to internal causes.
  • Check with a neighbor to see if their home/business is also without power. This will help determine if the problem is just associated with your home/business, or if it's due to an issue with our lines.
  • If the problem appears to be outside of your home/business, please call the Outage Hotline at 1-800-693-0190 and enter the telephone number or the member number associated with the address where the outage occured.


The quickest and most efficient way to report an outage is via our Automated Outage Reporting System. The system will automatically recognize the phone number from which you are calling, or will give you the opportunity to enter the telephone number where the outage is occuring.

Our goal is to safely and quickly restore power. Individuals who are on a medical device should contact the Emergy Management System. Critical operations, such as poultry farms, medical facilities, etc., are encouraged to have backup generators.


More than just an outage number: 1-800-693-0190

  • Report an outage - simply enter the telephone number where the outage is occuring
  • Update your telephone number
  • Obtain account information or pay your bill
  • Learn more about services offered by Pee Dee Electric
    • Press 1 - General Utility Information
    • Press 2 - Products and Services
    • Press 3 - Energy Conservation Information
    • Press 4 - Electric Safety


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